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Last updated: February 8, 2021

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Do you have a customer service phone support job that requires you to have a landline? That also means wireless and cordless phones are not allowed because you have to have a wired connection. Wired means that your corded landline telephone must be connected directly to your communication source, which may be a telephone jack in your wall. However, connecting your phone through a wall jack provides a weaker signal than connecting directly to the device that regulates the signal.

To get a stronger signal and connection for your landline phone, connect the phone cord directly to your digital phone modem instead of a wall jack. On its way to a wall jack, a digital phone signal travels through signal splitters that send part of the signal to other wall jacks and through many feet of wire before it reaches its location. Understandably, the signal becomes degraded along the way. Connecting directly to your phone modem ensures a much stronger signal and better phone connection when speaking with customers and clients.

Is your work at home phone not located near your modem?

If your digital phone modem is located in a different area in your home than your telephone and moving either of them is not an option, invest in a longer telephone cord so that you can still get a stronger phone signal. Long phone cords do not cost much and are thin enough to hide under rugs or behind furniture so they don’t get in the way. They can be purchased in lengths up to 100 feet.

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