Work at Home Hustle: uTest

Work at Home Hustle: uTest

Would you like to earn money helping big-name companies with their websites and apps? Have you ever noticed a glitch in a smartphone app or maybe an episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix experienced a playback issue? Companies hire people to find problems like these in order to improve their digital products.

You can sign up with uTest

 and make money by testing out the software, apps, and sites produced by well-known brands! You can also learn new technical skills that will help you be a great tester.

In the post, 12 Companies that Will Pay You to Test Websites and Apps, I discussed websites like uTest and how user testing is a fun work at home hustle for earning side cash while testing websites. Business owners submit their software, websites, and apps for user testing to get feedback on the design and usability for public use. 

About Testing

Additionally, in the tech world, websites and apps receive updates on a regular basis which require user testing as well. However, when developing new e-commerce websites, software, and apps, businesses employ a specific type of testing to evaluate their product for functionality, performance, security, compatibility, and numerous other types of software testing. 

Workers who perform this type of testing are called software testers and they help find bugs in online content such as online stores, gaming software, and smartphone and streaming apps. They test on all types of devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, video game consoles, and even cars.

Software testing is a field in information technology that is experiencing a lot of growth. But if you aren’t looking to go into the IT field but like the idea of helping find bugs and performance issues in websites, software, and apps, you can sign up for software crowdtesting with a company like uTest

About uTest

When companies are ready to launch a new website or app or put out a software update they reach out to uTest to get testers to check that it works properly and looks and performs as it should. 

uTest has a three-fold mission to serve as a setting where its members can “Learn, earn, and connect.” 

Learn – The uTest Academy is a free training program for all testers that allows them to learn and practice necessary testing skills.

Earn – Fit members with paid projects.

Connect – Provide members with a community of testers from around the world.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • It’s free to sign up and no prior testing experience is necessary.
  • You earn money per completed project. You will receive invitations to projects that match your profile. If you choose to accept the invitation, you will need to complete the required tasks. If the work you submit is approved, you are paid the amount set out in the project invitation. 
  • uTest sends out pays twice a month and uses PayPal and Payoneer.
  • To be eligible for paid project invitations, you will want to complete your tester profile where you will be asked for some personal information and to let uTest know the types of devices you own or have access to and any subscriptions you have. uTest clients are usually looking for certain types of devices and/or operating systems to test their software. Some projects are looking for testers who work in certain fields or live in certain locations. So if the information from your profile matches, you may get an invitation.
  • To have a better chance of receiving invitations for paid projects, 1) make sure that you fully complete your profile, 2) complete the courses in the uTest Academy and participate in the practice test cycles, and 3) apply for projects listed on the projects board.
  • Every project is different. Most projects involve testing a website or app and looking for issues that need to be reported. Some projects ask for feedback on software or a website or app. There are also projects that require on-site testing.

Helping companies improve their websites and apps is an exciting side hustle. With a platform like uTest, there is always a new project to sign up for. If finding glitches and bugs sounds interesting to you, go to to sign up!

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