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Published: February 2019 ~ Last updated: March 16, 2021

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VIVO Computer Keyboard Drawer/Tray

***My rating: 5 out of 5***

Features & Specs

Dimensions: Tray = 26.8 x 11 inches; with attached brackets = 33 x 11 inches

Extension: Tray slides out a total of 9.5” from the desk

Orientation: Tray sits 1.75” to 2.75” below the desk surface

Color: Black

Material: Painted wood (possibly particle board) and metal brackets

Weight: 11 pounds

Minimum Desk Thickness: 0.5”

Maximum Desk Thickness: 2.1”

Why I Bought It

I recently published a review of my UNKU Overbed Desk that I purchased for my work at home office to allow me more physical comfort when I am working. Because it was originally designed to be used in a bedroom, it lacks the features that are found in more traditional desk models. While I primarily use a laptop to work, I also use a wired keyboard and wired mouse with it. My laptop operates more like a monitor and CPU while sitting on top of my desk. The limited depth of the top surface of my overbed desk does not allow enough space for my laptop AND my keyboard. For a while, I was forced to work with my keyboard in my lap.

Typing on my keyboard while it sat in my lap is not the worst thing in the world. But I knew that my situation could be easily fixed and that a keyboard drawer would be more comfortable and convenient while I’m working.

There are quite a few keyboard drawer options available. Most of the offerings fall into two categories. Either the keyboard drawer has to be mounted under the desk with screws and hardware or it clamps onto the desk in some way.

My desk is designed with metal trim surrounding composite wood. Mounting a keyboard drawer with screws and hardware was going to be difficult if not impossible. A drawer with a clamp-on design would be my only option, making my search a lot easier.

I decided on the VIVO Under Desk Computer Keyboard Tray Drawer.

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Let Me Tell You About It

The VIVO Computer Keyboard Drawer measures 26.8 inches long giving me more than enough space for my full keyboard (which is includes a number keypad) and my mouse.

The back edge of the keyboard drawer has a guard to prevent my keyboard from sliding off. The back guard also has two cut-out areas to allow the cords attached to my keyboard and mouse to easily drape over the back edge.

When it first arrived, it felt much heavier than I expected it to be. It is very durable and solidly built.

The keyboard drawer glides smoothly. It holds steady to the desk and does not rock, sway or otherwise move.

I easily assembled and installed the VIVO in a matter of minutes. It uses padded C-clamps to attach to your desk which allows easy adjustments when needed or removal if necessary.

Where You Can Find It

I purchased my keyboard drawer on

The Pros

Long enough for a full keyboard and mouse. It has never loosened from how and where I positioned it, and I have never had to adjust it. It is very sturdy. I often forget that it didn’t come with my desk as an accessory.

Having a keyboard drawer frees up desk space and encourages positioning your hands, arms, and body ergonomically to prevent strain and poor posture.

Installation of the VIVO Computer Keyboard Drawer does not damage your desk since it only clamps on and does not require drilling in order to mount it.

The Cons

I am really not able to think of any. I have no complaints or disappointments with this keyboard drawer.

Here’s What Others Think

*Always read the reviews before buying any new office accessory!

When I wrote this review, there more than 300 reviews on for the VIVO Under Desk Computer Keyboard Tray Drawer. I have shared a few of the more helpful reviews below. Please that the Amazon listing for this product includes a model in the color white and also includes different sizes.

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Here’s What I Think

I regard my VIVO Computer Keyboard Drawer as an absolute necessity for my work at home office. It allowed me to convert my non-traditional desk into something more conventional.

I recommend it highly if you have a desk or use a table for a desk and need to free up desk space. I also recommend its use if you need to make adjustments in your workspace so that you can have better posture while working. Or maybe you need to replace the computer keyboard drawer that you were using.

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