Quick Tip: How to Game for Work


Why You Should Choose Gaming Accessories for your Work at Home Office If you have shopped online for any office accessories lately, you may have noticed many accessories designed specifically for gaming in your search results. When I look to replace one of my wired peripherals or add a new one, I have been finding …

Review: Logitech G203 Gaming Mouse


Specifications and Features: Size: 4.5” x 2.5” Resolution: 200 – 8000 dpi USB cable length: 6.75’ Lightsync RGB (lighting effects) Why I Bought It Near the end of 2019, the wired mouse that I had been using for a couple of years began to perform poorly. I had a simple 3-button mouse from the Amazon …

How to Choose Your Work at Home Computer Keyboard and Mouse


Your Keyboard A little while ago, I was considering purchasing a wireless keyboard to use with one of my older laptops. Some of the laptop’s keys were no longer working. I really expected the search to be simple. I planned on getting the best-rated keyboard at the lowest price. Sounds easy enough, right? I never …

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