KOSS SB45 USB Headset Review

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Price: Around $35.00

Best Place to Buy: Walmart.com

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

I was an Order Entry Agent on my first work at home job. I took pizza orders by phone and entered them into a database. Luckily, this job used VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to receive calls, which means I was taking calls through my computer. Therefore, I only had to purchase a work at home USB headset to do my job. I decided to get a binaural headset so that I wouldn’t miss anything when communicating with customers. I found a few potential USB headsets online but my decision came down to two KOSS headsets, the CS100 and the SB45. After going over the online reviews on Amazon.com and Walmart.com, I finally decided on the SB45. It had better reviews, and the big foam earpiece covers looked comfortable.

Product Overview

The KOSS SB45 USB headset is not primarily sold for work at home jobs. Looking at some of the reviews for this product shows that it used for a number online activities, like listening to music, gaming, Skype calls, and speech-to-text applications.


Wide, comfortable and adjustable headband

Noise-canceling microphone

Leatherette foam ear cushions

8ft Cord

Collapsible for easy storage

Flexible microphone

Reversible (able to use the mic on left or right side)


I have yet to have one issue with this headset. At this point, I’ve used it for over a year. All of my customer interactions and Skype calls still sound great. My customers never have an issue hearing me. The ear cushions are very comfortable. I can wear the headset for hours at a time. I’ve even forgotten to take it off at the end of a shift! The length of the cord is perfect at 8ft which allows me to move around my work area without yanking the connector out.


I have only one complaint about this USB headset and one design suggestion. There is a part at the end of the cord that holds the USB connector. It is pretty long for in comparison to other USB connected devices. It is almost 2 inches long. This wouldn’t be an issue if I used the headset with a desktop computer. However, I have a laptop. Therefore, the part juts out from the side and is “in the way.”

Design suggestion: Being able to mute or control the volume directly from the headset would be super helpful.

Please note: I don’t believe the rating for this product on Amazon is accurate. KOSS makes a version of the SB45 that has a 3.5mm connector. At least one Amazon seller lists both versions under one listing. From what I can tell, the USB version has pretty good reviews.

In My Opinion

I am very happy with my KOSS SB45 USB Headset! I highly recommend it for any work at home phone jobs that use VOIP to receive calls.

Buy your USB headset today!

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