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Last updated: March 16, 2021

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Features & Specs

  • Fit: Monaural (Single earpiece); On-ear
  • Headphone: High noise sensitivity and reduced sound distortion and full-range sound 
  • Microphone: Noise-canceling; Rotating Boom (able to use the mic on left or right side)
  • Connection: 2 – 3.5mm connectors (one for the headphone and one for the microphone)
  • Ergonomics: Lightweight, adjustable headband
  • Ear cushion: Soft, foam
  • Cable length: 8ft

KOSS CS-95 USB Communication Headset

***My rating: 4 out of 5***

Why I Bought It

Koss is a dependable quality brand of headsets and headphones. The company makes a variety of styles that can be used for listening to music, gaming, and business activities like VOIP calls, video calls, customer service phone support or speech-to-text programs that use voice-activated or voice recognition software.

The Koss CS95 Headset is my third headset from the Koss brand. I loved my 2 USB headsets so much, that when I decided to get a headset to use with my tablet, I had to see what Koss had to offer. I still own my Koss SB45 model as well as my CS100 model as of my writing this review, and they both still work great.

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Let Me Tell You About It

While I primarily used my headsets for the customer service support that I provide, I wanted a headset for my tablet because I sometimes get Skype calls for work when I am not at my desk. I did not want to always have to run back to my office to take a call. With the Koss CS95, I can take a call through the Skype app when I’m cooking or binging-watching TV. The Koss CS-95 headset also works with all of my computers though. So it will be great as a dedicated headset for my non-work computer, which has the 2 ports to accommodate both connectors, or as a backup headset to either of my 2 USB models when I’m working. *Having a backup headset for remote work is essential.*

This particular headset is not a USB model like the other two headsets I own, but instead has two 3.5 mm connectors to connect it to your device, which can be a desktop or laptop computer or any smart device such as a phone or tablet. One connector is for the microphone and the other is for the headphone. A desktop or laptop computer may have jacks or ports for both connectors. However, a smart device will only have one, which is fine. I can insert the connector for the headphone into the jack/port on my tablet, and that allows both the headphone and microphone to work perfectly. 

Unlike my USB models, which are binaural – having dual earpieces – this CS-95 model is monaural, with a single earpiece. However, it has the on-ear design like my CS-100 model with a foam ear cushion for comfort. 

Like the USB models, the noise-canceling microphone on the CS-95 has an adjustable arm with the ability to rotate more than 180 degrees front to back, allowing the user to wear the headset so that the microphone can be positioned on either the right or left side of their head or mouth. Part of the microphone arm is made of black flexible rubber and allows the mic to be angled at the user’s preferred distance from their mouth.


Where You Can Find It

The Koss CS-95 Communication Headset is available on Amazon.com.

However, I purchased my headset directly from the Koss website for $14.99 minus an instant discount I received for signing up as a Koss Insider.

The CS-95 also has a USB version.

The Pros

The Koss CS-95 headset shares many of the same pros in common with my 2 USB models. It’s lightweight with a long cord. The headband is adjustable, and so is the microphone. I am able to hear others perfectly, and they are able to hear me perfectly as well.

The Cons

Where the Koss CS95 differs the most from the SB45 and CS100 models is in general comfort. Since this headset has only a single earpiece, a different design was required to ensure that it remains on the user’s head without slipping. Koss uses a tension design that causes the headset to fit snuggly, more so than the binaural headsets. Some users may find the fit to be too tight. Although, the headband is adjustable and will allow a user to find their own comfort level. I could easily imagine having numerous headaches after wearing this headset for hours if I was not able to adjust it. I would not suggest this headset for anyone whose head is on the larger side.

My other issue with this headset is the single earpiece. Of course, I believe that I would dislike this feature on any monaural headset. Hearing conversation in only one ear allows for missing parts of a discussion as well as for being easily distracted by sounds or noise in your immediate background. I do not see myself using a monaural headset as a dedicated tool for work. However, it performs well enough as a back-up headset.

Here’s What Others Think

*Always read the reviews before buying any new piece of tech!

At the time that I published this review, there were almost 800 reviews on Amazon.com for the Koss CS-95. I have shared a few of the most helpful reviews below. Please note that the Amazon listing for this product combines the USB version and the version with the 3.5 mm connectors.

Koss-CS-95 Customer Rating

Most helpful positive review

Koss CS-95 positive Review

Most helpful negative review

Koss CS-95 negative review

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Here’s What I Think

I would not use the Koss CS-95 as my primary headset for work. I do not like the single ear-piece design for working. In addition, I do not like its headband design for wearing the headset for an extended amount of time. The snug fit would be uncomfortable after a few hours.

With that said, though, the CS-95 is perfect for the purpose I originally purchased it, as an accessory to my tablet for taking Skype calls. I will also be using it with my non-work computer.

Koss is one of my favorite brands. There are a number of more expensive brands that market headsets for business use, but Koss headsets are affordable, good quality tools. The Koss CS-95 Communication Headset can be counted as one of the company’s best.

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