KOSS CS-100 USB Communications Headset Review

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Features & Specs

  • Binaural (Dual earphone) with high noise sensitivity and reduced sound distortion and full range of sound
  • On-ear
  • USB connector
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable headband
  • Adjustable Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Foam ear cushions
  • 8ft cord

Why I Bought It

The KOSS CS-100 USB Headset is the second headset that I have purchased from the KOSS brand. I still own my first headset, the KOSS SB45 USB headset, and it still works great. I started a new work at home customer service position with a different company. The new company provided a stipend for a new headset. So I took the chance to get a backup for my SB45. I chose the KOSS brand again because I stick with brands whose features I appreciate and tend to be dependable. However, I decided to get something lighter. I battle sinus headaches from time to time, and the thickness of the headband and over-ear cushions of the KOSS SB45 headset tend to make those worse. I still wanted to be able to hear callers and speakers with both ears, though, and I like the binaural (dual ear) design. So I chose the CSS-100 model. 

Since purchasing it, I now primarily use this headset for my customer service support jobs.

Let Me Tell You About It

The Koss CS-100 USB Communication Headset is not generally marketed for use with work at home customer service jobs. However, since it was designed to be used in everyday online telecommunications as well as multi-player online video games and voice-activated software programs, this headset naturally works for VOIP calls. 

The CS-100 has an adjustable microphone arm that rotates over 180 degrees from front to back. With this feature, the user can wear the headset so that the microphone can be positioned on either the left or right side of their head or mouth, according to their preference. Also, part of the microphone arm is made of a soft, bendable rubber piece that allows the mic to be set at any distance from the mouth that the user prefers.

Unlike my Koss SB45 headset, which sports over-ear earpieces that cover the entire ear, the CS-100 has the on-ear design, covering just enough of the ear to ensure a clear sound. The foam ear cushion on each earpiece provides hours of comfort. 

The CS-100 headset is lighter than the SB45 since it features a thinner and non-padded plastic headband and earpieces that are only half the size. 

Like the SB45, this headset is adjustable for head size and comfort and has the same 8-foot cord that encourages easy maneuverability.

Where You Can Find It

I purchased my headset at Amazon.com. –> Koss Communications USB Headset with Microphone (CS100-USB)

However, you can also buy it directly from Koss.com –> https://www.koss.com/headphones/headsets-and-gaming/cs100-usb

The Pros

The headset is super light and comfortable. I have actually forgotten that I am still wearing it at the end of my customer service support shifts. The 8ft. cord is long enough that I can stand and walk around or away from my desk while still comfortably wearing the headset and without the fear of pulling my laptop off my desk. I never have an issue hearing customers. And my customers never have a problem hearing me. 

The headband can be adjusted to fit heads of all sizes. The microphone is also adjustable and can be rotated over 180 degrees allowing the wearer to position the microphone on the left or right side of their head.

The Cons

My only true complaint is the same complaint I have for my KOSS SB45 headset. They both have this significantly sized USB connector that sticks out pretty far from the USB port on my laptop and my USB hub. This is not much of a problem when plugged into my USB hub, which is tucked out of the way on my desk. However, if I plug it into the USB port on the side of my laptop, the size of the connector makes bumping and damaging it a constant worry as it juts out a full 2 and a half inches.

I would also really love for Koss to incorporate volume control on the headset or the cord.

Here’s What Others Think

*Always read the reviews before buying any new piece of tech!

When I wrote this review, there were almost 400 reviews on Amazon.com for the Koss CS-100. I have shared some of the most helpful reviews below. Please note that the Amazon listing for this product combines two versions of the Koss CS-100, one with a USB connector and one with dual 3.5 mm connectors.

Koss CS-100 Amazon Rating
Koss CS-100 Customer Review 1
Koss CS-100 Customer Review 2
Koss CS-100 Customer Review 3

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Here’s What I Think

I originally purchased my Koss CS-100 Communication Headset as a back-up to my Koss SB45 headset. I fell in love with how comfortable and light it is though. Also, the sound is crystal clear on both ends. Therefore, it has become my dedicated work headset.

I recommend the Koss CS-100 for any and all work at home customer service phone support work.

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