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Last updated February 4, 2021

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Welcome to The Work at Home Office! And Congratulations on your journey as a rat race rebel! You no longer have to do battle with traffic, the weather, your wardrobe (or your hair), or that annoying co-worker! Aren’t you glad? I know I am!

Whether you are new to working at home or are a seasoned veteran or working at home only part-time to supplement another job, or maybe you have started a business, you are special because you have chosen to take your future into your own hands. There are a lot of people who want to be where you are but have yet to work up the nerve to try to work from home. Going against the norm is not an easy decision, but here you are! I am sure that you are going to be much happier in the long run.

So now that you are working at home, you need the proper work at home office setup to allow you to be as productive as possible. That’s where can help! 

I have walked the path of setting up a  home office and want to help others who are headed down this road. To get an idea of where you should begin, just keep reading below.

Your Work at Home Office Setup

As working at home becomes more and more popular, a home office (or work at home office!) has become more of a necessity and is no longer just an option. 

Completing at least part of their work at home is standard procedure for many people. Those who work in business offices all day often work on assignments at home or take work home with them. Take teachers, for example, who almost always grade papers while at home. 

However, even those who don’t sit at a desk all day for their job at least set aside space in their home for their computer or a place to pay bills or to study. Then there are brave souls like you who choose to use their homes to earn income or build businesses. Regardless of the category in which you fall, there are some very important necessary essentials that you must consider for your work at home office. 

A Work at Home Office Space


First and foremost, you need an area in your home that is your designated workspace.

If possible, you should only perform your work at home job or run your business from this area. Making the distinction that only work is done in that chosen area will train your brain to produce the creative energy you need to do your job. If you use the space for anything else, like watching TV or spending time with your spouse or children, you leave yourself open to being easily distracted. Others in your home will also need to be trained to respect the space as your work area too.


Using a separate room, such as a bedroom or walk-in closet, would be ideal. Already having an in-home office or study in your home is even better. However, these options are not always available, so designating a corner in your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom can work as well. 

Ideally, you will want to find a space that is as quiet as possible. There are few other things to take into consideration when choosing your work at home office space, such as how much space you may need, having enough electrical outlets for your office equipment, and if you are able to access WiFi in that area

Designing Your Home Office Layout

In order to be as efficient as possible while working, you should arrange your furniture and equipment in a manner that optimizes your work performance. Consider placing your work tools and equipment on or as close to your desk as possible so that you avoid getting up regularly and interrupting your work.

For an efficient home office layout, you may consider adding a table or bookcase next to your desk so that you can store additional accessories and supplies that you use regularly. I use a bookcase next to my desk to hold books, notebooks, an inbox, and some dry erase boards that I use on a regular basis.

Internet and Phone Service

Fast internet is absolutely essential to working at home. Without either DSL or Broadband service, you will not be eligible for many, if any, work at home jobs. Check with your work at home employer to see how fast your internet speed should be. Then, check with your local cable companies to see if they offer what you need. 

Also, If your job requires you to have a landline to service customers, you will likely be able to receive digital phone service from the same company that provides your internet service. 

Your Computer & Other Technology

Nothing in your work at home office will be more important than the equipment you use to perform your work at home job or run your home business – other than you of course! Thorough consideration will need to go into choosing the right computer, computer accessories, as well as other technological tools. Not having the proper necessities could significantly hinder your ability to earn an income.


For the majority of us who work from home, our computer is the most important item in our work at home “world.” We use it more than any other tool. Without it, for many, there would be no opportunity to work remotely or run a business. So here are a few important features for home office computer that you may want to consider:

  • An up-to-date operating system
  • A speedy processor (2.5 GHz or more)
  • Plenty of memory or RAM (6 GB or more)
  • Plenty of internal storage for work files
  • Plenty of ports to connect accessories

>>> Click here to see the laptop that I use for my work at home job! <<<

Tech Accessories

Along with a good computer, a work at home office requires a quality keyboard and mouse. With most remote jobs, peripherals like these will need to be wired because wireless signals like USB and Bluetooth are not dependable.

Some remote jobs may call for you to have a landline phone or dialpad. As many companies move to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for phone service, though, I see fewer positions with this requirement.

>>> Check out the dial pad I use here! <<<

Because you will likely need internet service for any work at home position, a  modem and router will definitely be necessities. If you are lucky, these are provided by your internet company, and you won’t have to make a separate purchase. 

You may also need some additional technology like a headset and possibly a second monitor if your job requires them. Many work at home customer service jobs are phone support positions and employees are asked to provide their own headsets. Some companies with remote workers also encourage them to have a dual monitor setup.

>>> Take a look at the monitor I use in my work at home office! <<<

With more and more work and communication happening online these days, you will not necessarily need to have a printer for your work at home job. However, there are some remote administrative support positions that require employees to have a printer available.

Furniture & Decor


A decent-sized desk with a sufficient amount of storage is an important center for any home office. Not only do you need space for your computer, but you also need a place to write, a home for your accessories, and somewhere to store your supplies.

Additionally, if your work at home job requires sitting for a long period of time, the office desk chair that you choose should provide sufficient support. Consider a desk chair that is adjustable and has lumbar and neck support.

>>> I love my work at home desk! Check it out here! <<<

Desktop Layout

Much like your home office layout, you should put consideration into the layout of your desk as well. Organize your critical desk accessories in a way that keeps your most used tools close by.

Proper Lighting

Because eye strain is a common health concern among office workers, the positioning of overhead lighting, lamps or windows should be taken into consideration when setting up your work at home office.



Make your space yours! Make your work at home office a place where you want to show up every day and where you want to be. Place some photos on your desk or on your wall. Find a spot for your favorite trophy or collectible that makes you smile. Hang some curtains that have a pretty print pattern or bright bold colors. Add a plant or a beautiful floral arrangement. This is your space and you are in charge!

Wrapping things up

You have made a decision to do something different from the regular 9 to 5 rat race and grind. You are not alone. Now show that you are serious about that decision and design a work at home office for yourself. You will spend a lot of time there. So set it up so that you are productive and happy while working there. 

Make sure that you have the technology that you need. Take the time to consider your furnishings so that you will have enough space to work but also be comfortable. Then accessorize your home office with the tools that make working a breeze, and add in all of your favorite office supplies. And last, but not least, personalize your workspace to make it your own.

For more guidance on setting up your work at home office, please visit the How to Set Up Your Work at Home Office section of the website for more helpful articles.

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2 Replies to “Getting Started with Your Work at Home Office”

  1. Hi theworkathomeoffice,

    I like the concept of your website. Getting people to set up their Home Office and start working. Nice.  It’s completely true that in times such as these where COVID is affecting the world, working at home becomes more and more popular, and therefore a home office (or work at home office) has become a necessity and is no longer just an option. We all have actually set up home offices by temporary methods and I fully agree with you that setting up a proper home office would get us more organized and positively affect our work output.


    1. I’m happy to hear that you like the site’s concept. I was working at home before the pandemic made it a common thing. Even beforehand, I felt that people like me needed some guidance. Now, people new to having to work from home need it as well. So, yes, having a home office is now a necessity and not just an option. 

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