The 13 Best Job Sites to Search for a Work at Home Job


The 13 Best Job Sites to Search for a Work at Home Job

And 5 Work at Home Blogs You Should Follow

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Last updated: February 8, 2021

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I have been a part of the work at home job force for a few years now, and I’ve found a number of websites and blogs that list remote jobs for people who want to work at home. Working at is more popular now than it was when I started and has even become a necessity in our economy. So sites like these are a super help for searching for work that can be done from home.

By regularly checking work at home job boards and following work at home bloggers, finding legitimate work at home jobs is not difficult. I have had quite a bit of success in finding jobs and opportunities to earn extra cash on the side by being regularly dialed into the work at home world.

Job Search Sites

The best places to begin looking for work at home jobs are job search sites. While job sites are generally known for listing in-person types of positions, you can now find many work from home jobs listed as well. Some job sites are even dedicated exclusively to posting only remote jobs. While many of the jobs found on these sites will be customer service related or phone-based, there are a variety of other home-based careers also available in education, IT, writing, and general business administration.

To search on a job site, just enter the type of job you are looking for and/or enter remote, work at home, or work from home in the search box in order to see those specific listings. Some job sites will allow you to set up email alerts for certain types of jobs. Make sure to check job websites on a regular basis and pay close attention to location restrictions in the job descriptions.

Here is a list of the best job sites to check out:

1. Glassdoor

Though it is best known for its database of company reviews and ratings, Glassdoor also posts millions of current job listings regularly. These listings include many remote opportunities as well. You can sign up for email alerts for new job openings in which you are interested.

2. Indeed

It is primarily known as an in-person job search site, but Indeed has a huge listing of work at home jobs. To find them, type “remote” in the “where” box. The results will include many location-based remote jobs but will provide a lot of “work anywhere” jobs too.

3. Jobspresso

From their website, “Jobspresso is the easiest way to find high-quality remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support and more. 100% of our jobs are hand-picked, manually reviewed and expertly curated.” Some of the jobs listed are available worldwide.

4. Monster

Another site primarily known as an in-person job search site, Monster has been around longer than every site listed here. To find remote job listings, use the terms “work at home” or “work from home” and/or use “remote” as the location. Make note of any location restriction for each listing.

5. Power to Fly

This platform was launched to connect women job seekers to Fortune 500 companies like Google and Microsoft as well as startups. The website lists jobs for conventional brick-and-mortar companies as wells as remote jobs.


From the website: “Our mission is to build the easiest way for digital nomads and the location independents to find meaningful and rewarding careers. We hope to be part of the remote workforce revolution by connecting skilled workers with reputable companies.”

7. Remote OK

The Remote OK platform lists a variety of remote jobs from around the world and refers to workers as digital nomads.

8. Remotive

A lot like Jobspresso and We Work Remotely, Remotive lists jobs with tech companies and startups that are looking for engineers, designers, marketers, customer support, and other talented people to fill their ranks.

9. Skip the Drive

Lists a wide variety of work at home jobs from the fields of customer support, healthcare, technology, clerical, and business management. From the website: “SkipTheDrive simplifies the process of finding remote and work-from-home jobs. This is done by using filters to display highly relevant job results. We are happy to offer a free service for job seekers, requiring no registration. Whether you’re searching for remote, telecommuting, online, or work-from-home opportunities, we’ve got you covered.”

10. Virtual Vocations

From the website: “As a 100% telecommute company, we understand the unique challenges job-seekers face when looking for virtual work because we’ve been there. Our mission to help you find legitimate telecommuting jobs quickly, easily, and safely is the driving force behind what we do.”

11. We Work Remotely

Lists remote job openings from innovative and leading-edge companies. Available jobs can be found in customer support, design, programming, management, marketing, copywriting, and a number of other categories.

12. Working Nomads

From the website: “ curates lists of the most interesting remote job offers in many professional career areas. We connect professionals who want to work remotely with innovative companies offering independent positions.”

13. Zip Recruiter

As one of the top job search sites, Zip Recruiter lists thousands of work at home jobs. Many are location specific, but many can be worked from anywhere.

Bonus – My Favorite Work at Home Job Blogs

I have found work at home blogs to be super helpful in my job search. These types of bloggers have their fingers on the pulse of all types of jobs and opportunities for those wanting more freedom in their careers.

Not only do they provide work at home job leads, but lists of opportunities to earn extra money as well as profitable work at home business opportunities can be found among the resources that they supply to their readers.

When searching for a job to do at home, many people fall victim to work at home job scams. They usually come in the form of offers to do data entry or stuff envelopes or make crafts at home. You find out more about fake work at home jobs in my post 7 Warning Signs that a Work at Home Job Is a Scam and How to Protect Yourself. The bloggers behind the sites I have listed below have seen these scams. Some have even been victims. Therefore, the leads that they provide have been vetted. They have all proven their authority in the work at home arena.

Here are some blogs that I visit regularly and/or follow on social media.

1. Rat Race Rebellion

Updated at least 3 times a day with current job leads. There is a “BIG LIST of Work from Home Jobs” and a separate list of companies that hire work at home customer service agents. All job leads listed on have been screened and deemed legitimate.

2. Dream Home Based Work

A site created by Lashay Hudson and dedicated to providing scam-free work at home job leads.

3. Money Making Mommy

Established by Kelly Land, an out of work mom. I love reading her posts. She makes me feel like we’re in this work at home job search together.

4. Real Ways to Earn Money Online

Created by Anna T., this is a very thoroughly done site. Her job directory lists hundreds of job leads. Anna also does reviews of different work at home jobs so that you know what you’re signing up for when you apply.

5. The Work at Home Wife

Created by Angie Nelson who began her work at home journey at a time when work at home jobs were not as plentiful as they are now. That journey inspired her to start her blog. In addition to job leads, she also provides very helpful advice for others who are interested in getting into blogging. Her posts thoroughly researched and well-written.

>>> Check out my weekly list of work at home job leads here!<<<

Have you used any of the sites listed above to search for a work at home job? What was that like? Feel free to share your work at home job search experience in the comments below!

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