AGPtEK Call Center Dialpad Headset Telephone Review

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Includes: Keypad phone / Dialpad; Wired Monaural Headset with Microphone with Noise Cancellation; Detachable Headset holder; phone cord

Price: Less than $30

Best Place to Buy:

My second work at home job was a customer service position with one of the better-known work at home platforms. I provided phone support. My first work at home job used VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). However, this new job required me to have a landline. After setting an installation appointment with my cable company for digital phone service, I did an online search for a keypad phone to use for my job. The company that hired me actually recommended a specific online store from which to purchase a keypad and headset. The products that they had available were pricey. Being that my budget was tight at the time, I decided to check my old reliable for a better deal. I soon found a keypad phone from AGPtEK for a lot less. Fortunately, a headset was included with the keypad, which made my life much easier. It was priced for less than $30.00, well within my budget.

Product Overview

The AGPtEK Call Center Dialpad Headset Telephone is designed specifically for work at home agents who provide phone support. However, it can also be used in any general home or office environment because it allows you to multitask while talking on the phone.

Keypad Phone Functions:

Caller ID
30 incoming, 5 outgoing number memories
Green Backlight
Red LED indication light
Hold, Flash and Mute function
Headset Volume control
Voice recorder port available


This keypad phone and headset served me well. Everything that I needed to get started was included in the box, including a cord to plug the keypad into the phone jack. I never had an issue with any calls that I received.

The headset volume can be adjusted on the keypad. The mute button came in handy. The headset holder is a great idea. I liked having somewhere to place my headset when I wasn’t using it. The earpad was has a foam covering, making it comfortable to wear even hours at a time. Also, the headset microphone is very flexible and can be adjusted to perfectly fit the user.

AGPtEK also has a pink keypad phone available as well as a binaural headset (covers both ears).


While I didn’t have trouble out of this keypad phone, I have to admit that it is a low-quality product. The phone is made from cheap plastic. I made sure to handle it with extra care. I was sure that it would crack if I dropped it. The headset feels fragile as well. I always removed it slowly to ensure that it didn’t break.

There were a lot of times that the headset cord just didn’t seem long enough. I would end up pulling at the keypad in order to reach for something in my work area.

Having to adjust the headset volume on the keypad was a hassle. I found that other premium quality headsets include volume control on headset cord itself. This feature would have been a great help.

If you are just starting out in work at home phone support, the AGPtEK Call Center Dialpad Headset Telephone would be a good starter keypad for you. However, if you want a better quality phone, I would suggest getting one from the Smith Corona brand.

They are pricier but are the same quality as those used in traditional call centers.

In My Opinion

My current work at home job uses VOIP for phone support. So, I haven’t used my keypad phone in a while. However, if I am ever required to use my landline again for a job, I will likely be purchasing one of the pricier models. Since I have settled on a work at home career in customer service; I believe that a phone of higher quality would be a good investment.

-Do you have one of these? How would you rate it? Share in the comment area!

Updated July 25, 2019

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